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Doooooourrrrrr 2013

22 Jul

Summer in Belgium is total festival season, and one of the big events is Dour Festival in, as the name indicates Dour (near the Belgian-French border). Even more so this year, as the infamous ‘boue’ (mud) was nowhere in sight with scorching temperatures (well, for Belgian standards) and, more importantly, given that it was the 25 year anniversary.

What can I say… it’s been an great weekend, camping out with friends, catching a few awesome gigs and revelling in the whole Dour experience:


yeah yeah yeah! opening on Thursday

photo 2

The Vaccines on Friday – we might’ve gone back to teenagehood in half a sec for that whole hour…

photo 3

photo 2

a green-wigged Dutch artist’s work

photo 3

aaay tu primo coloraaado…

photo 5

new friends at Devendra Banhart’s gig 🙂

photo 1

 Joyeux 25ème anniv’, Dour! You were amazing