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Summer days

10 Jul

Vacation time is nearly here, and it’s finally starting to feel like summer in Brussels… Stick around, summer, we missed you!

photo (2)

Weekends are best spent going for l’apéro and playing frisbee in the park with friends:

photo 1

happy faces on a Friday afternoon

photo (1)

photo 2Sunday lounging and frisbee throwing , Parc du Cinquantenaire


Sunday + Pentecôte

20 May

Today is a national holiday and while Carlos spent the morning riding with his buds in the rain, I stayed in but woke early and got stuff on my to-do list done… the week seems to be off to a good start! Also, after the really nice Sunday we just had…



getting around to adding a few things to our flat, fresh flowers from the weekly Sunday market and a few pictures on the living room wall

IMG_4434 medieval market at Parc du Cinquantenaire


going into the Royal Museum of the Army and of Military History…


the king’s tricycle





Definitely well worth a visit! (or two)