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Women Leaders in IR conferences

10 Jul

This week I’ve been attending a very interesting series of evening conferences hosted by the Italian Cultural Institute on ‘Women Leaders in International Relations: Comparing EU and US experiences’, with panel discussions on the role of women in international relations and therefore in diplomacy, institutions, as well as in the private sector. The ensuing debates on questions posed by the audience raised a number of meaningful points on the reality women face in the IR world, and the words of advice of seasoned professionals were duly noted.

photo 3 opening ceremony for the first conference, ‘Promoting Women in Diplomacy’ with speakers including Anne-Marie Slaughter, Mara Marinaki, Marta Dassù and Mari Skåre

photo 4

second conference day, ‘Promoting Women Leaders in Institutions’: Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou, with MEP Monica Frassoni (+ Marjorie Margolies and Hussein Kassim)

photo 5

third conference day, ‘The making of Women Leaders’: Veronika Wand Danielsson, Cristina Gallach, Valerie Biden Owens and Franco Frattini

Tonight will be the last conference and closing ceremony, and I’m glad I learned about this conference and the seminar organized by the WPSProject! For more info: WPSP site