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B-day post + Antwerp

8 Aug

As I mentioned before, my whole family is visiting us and it’s great to have them here! It’s especially cool we were able to celebrate my birthday together yesterday, complete with surprise dessert + candles a few minutes before midnight and a trip during the day.

photo 1


Today we hopped on a train over to Antwerp:

photo 5

inside the station

photo 3

photo 4 Cathedral of Our Lady



5 Mar

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks around here, so while I gather myself together, here go a few tidbits in mostly ‘gram (or blurry phone photo) form:

photo (8)

coffee fix on the train back from Gent, the last of the winter snow on the ground

photo 2

my makeshift wardrobe in our new home, all moved in now

photo 1

found a beautiful surprise on the bedside table, as a housewarming gift… one of my favorite flowers!

photo 3

ahhhh… white orchids, so pretty, aren’t they?

photo 4

RocĂ­o, the birthday girl on a fun Friday night out

photo 5

Monday night with workmates + 2 parts Delphic, post-gig at Ancienne Belgique ; we look thrilled, they… well… don’t look it as much but were lovely to us