The walk home

22 May

… or the walk to work, whichever you prefer, but only on the way home today did I realize how this part of the sidewalk has transformed seemingly overnight:

photo (12)


Sunday + Pentecôte

20 May

Today is a national holiday and while Carlos spent the morning riding with his buds in the rain, I stayed in but woke early and got stuff on my to-do list done… the week seems to be off to a good start! Also, after the really nice Sunday we just had…



getting around to adding a few things to our flat, fresh flowers from the weekly Sunday market and a few pictures on the living room wall

IMG_4434 medieval market at Parc du Cinquantenaire


going into the Royal Museum of the Army and of Military History…


the king’s tricycle





Definitely well worth a visit! (or two)

Bois de Halle – Hallerbos

12 May

The weekend has been cold and dreary, which is partly why we’ve stayed in most of it catching up on some reading… but I thought I’d post a few of Carlos‘ pictures and a cool video in Bois de Halles (south of Brussels) from this week. Hope to go there sometime soon to see the many hyacinths and other flowers in bloom, weather permitting!





teensy spider!


Miles Kane at Botanique

10 May

Last night we headed over to les Nuits Botanique to make the most of our one-off holiday by going a little crazy over Mr. Kane… Yeah, just a little, though we might have sung our way through the whole concert while bouncing up and down non-stop… how could anyone not?







27 Apr

A couple of weeks ago I headed to Prague with a few of my mates who are doing the same traineeship program, each in a different city. The weekend was so much fun we’re already thinking of our next meet up…

photo 2 photo 1 photo 5 photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1


Music Monday

8 Apr

For your start of the brand new week. Bonne journée!

All revved up

7 Apr

Feeling all energized for the start of a new week after a very enjoyable weekend: second hand markets on both Saturday and Sunday mornings, house party on Saturday evening, an afternoon at Café Kafka on Sunday.

New shirt

my new-old white and pink bowtied shirt 🙂

photo 1

inexpensive haircuts at Les Halles de Saint-Géry while 60’s oldies sounded in the background, like this one…:

photo 2


never had herbal tea like this… yum!