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Spring is… yet to come

12 Mar

It’s actually back to snow, ice and slushy streets here in Brussels, at least for the next two days it seems… I’m kinda missing the more ‘temperate’ weather of the first days of March and hoping spring shows up soon, for real this time!

Snippets of yesterday and today:

photo 2

yellow daffodils to greet me home ❤

photo 3

we celebrated with a little Bordeaux and tiramisú (quite possibly my favorite dessert)

photo 4

yeah, woke up to this in almost mid-March

photo 5


slushy Trône 


Weekend recap

12 Mar

Some work and some play…

photo 2

lunch break on a Friday out on the patio facing part of the EU parliament

photo 3

Friday night – what would you play on the jukebox? we went for ‘Help!’photo 4photo 5

Saturday evening – Rollapaluza at Fixerati Brussels, a race to win this beauty:


And finally, out for Thai dinner to pre-celebrate not a race win, but something else 🙂



Christopher Owens at Botanique

12 Mar

Christopher Owens’ concert at Botanique, presenting ‘Lysandre’, a real treat on a Wednesday




He played songs from his first solo album, Lysandre, and a few great covers (Cat Stevens, Simon & Garfunkel, Dylan) sprinkled in between. Heartfelt performance and thoroughly enjoyable in its mellowness, though I couldn’t help but kick myself a little bit for not having gone to see Girls when they were still together… (one of my very favorite bands of the last few years)  I’m guessing I wasn’t the only one, some of us were visibly very happy when we heard the opening chords of ‘Broken Dreams Club’, the closing tune.


budding white roses


5 Mar

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks around here, so while I gather myself together, here go a few tidbits in mostly ‘gram (or blurry phone photo) form:

photo (8)

coffee fix on the train back from Gent, the last of the winter snow on the ground

photo 2

my makeshift wardrobe in our new home, all moved in now

photo 1

found a beautiful surprise on the bedside table, as a housewarming gift… one of my favorite flowers!

photo 3

ahhhh… white orchids, so pretty, aren’t they?

photo 4

Rocío, the birthday girl on a fun Friday night out

photo 5

Monday night with workmates + 2 parts Delphic, post-gig at Ancienne Belgique ; we look thrilled, they… well… don’t look it as much but were lovely to us